How to Find Bed Bugs Pest Control Services in New Bern, NC

If you need pest control in New Bern, North Carolina, call pest control new bern nc now! We are experts in all pest control from bedbugs to termites, but we are especially trained at how to handle infestations. As a company that has been serving customers in New Bern, North Carolina since 1974, we can help you find the right solution to your pest problem. Whether your problem is inside or out, we can make sure your home, business, or school is pest free.

Bed bugs and fleas are very common pests that affect our homes and our lives every day. If you have a bedbug infestation, pest control services in New Bern, North Carolina can treat your home quickly and effectively. You can even use our services for other types of pest control services, including tree and plant trimming, yard care, and termite control. We also provide services for odor control, including hiring a professional pest exterminator to come in and professionally spray and kill any pests in your home.

Rodent control is an issue that some people don’t think of very often, but rodents can really get into your things and spread things like deadly viruses. If you have an infestation of mice, rats, or other rodents in your home, contact us immediately for quality rodent control services. Most exterminators have special accreditations and licenses, and we provide pest extermination for animals as well as pests. We will treat your home with chemicals that kill mice and rats while leaving other pests alone.

The next thing you need to be aware of is bed bugs. Millions of people around the world suffer from an infestation with these pesky bugs. Although they are not as plentiful as ants, they do tend to multiply quickly, especially if there are cracks in the walls or windows. If you see what looks like some brown spots on your skin, you are probably seeing bed bugs. If you have noticed these little bugs in your sheets and in your clothes, call us right away for quality bed bug control services in New Bern, NC.

Some pest extermination services specialize in water damage restoration. If your roof has been damaged by hurricanes or leaks, or perhaps if your basement floor has flooded recently, we can help. In both cases, we will restore your property to its pre-incident condition. For example, we can remove standing water and dry out your basement floors. We can clean up mold and clean the walls and windows. In many cases we can do all of these things without damaging your property further or harming any of your family pets.

If you have a small or medium sized home, we can help you with our bed bug inspection services as well as mosquito control. In our inspection service, we will inspect your property and let you know if any of your outdoor pests, including rodents, spiders and insects are present. In the mosquito control service, we will make sure that all of your standing and indoor water and humidity is removed from your property so that your home becomes a safe haven for your family.