Physiotherapy Near Your Area

Physical therapist, also called physio, is one among the allied health professions, which, by employing proven evidence-based exercise prescription, physical kinesiology, evidence-based health education, rehabilitation, mobilization, and equipment utilization, physical therapy is able to develop patients physically fit and healthy. Physiotherapy professionals have licensed health care providers who practice within an approved facility, in an approved area. Some physical therapy positions require years of study to become licensed and experienced in their chosen areas.

Physical therapy positions involve the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of physical conditions. It can include treating musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory disorders, orthopedic disorders, neurological disorders, sports injuries and neuromuscular disorders, cardiovascular disease, bone diseases and cancer.

There are many physical therapist positions. They usually depend on a particular individual or their disability. A physical therapist position includes manual therapies, physiotherapy and massage. Other options are rehabilitation, exercise and rehabilitation, balance, gait analysis, orthopedic, rehabilitation and pediatric physical therapy.

Physical therapy professionals use various equipment to assess, diagnose and treat conditions such as acute pain, arthritis and traumatic brain injury. They help patients with daily activities and home maintenance. This includes helping patients with dressing and bathing. They also assist in walking, standing and walking.

The physical therapist uses exercises and techniques to target muscles, joints, bones and tissues to improve a patient’s needs and function. They help in rehabilitation and promote proper movement and joint alignment. They help patients in building strength and flexibility.

The physical therapy profession is growing and finding new ways to provide services to patients and enhance their quality of life. The physical therapist has a unique ability to diagnose and treat physical conditions and restore the body to optimum performance. They are able to do this through exercise, massage and/or equipment.